the story of Pentopaper

I've loved making cards for others since I was about 4 years old. They've evolved in style and spelling over the years, though. I've been sorting through old photos with my father, who is an artist and photo collector, as long as I can remember. He used me as his eyes and still does.

I wanted to create pentopaper because I believe that a better greeting card should be available. People want to hold onto cards as mementos, but they often get tossed in a memory box or even the trash. With pentopaper cards, you get a card that you can frame because it's a real photograph. Each one is unique and can't be duplicated because every photo I use is vintage--ranging from the years 1920s-1960s. The whole card can be framed as a memory (acid-free paper, corners and ink is used) or one can pop out the photo from the corners and just frame that. It's like a card and present in one!

I am a registered nurse full time, raised and currently live in St. Louis, MO. I do this as one of my hobbies. It's another way to bring joy to people. I enjoy looking at each photograph and coming up with a corresponding phrase. The vintage photo is usually juxtaposed with a modern phrase, making them really fun t display. My cards can currently be purchased at Union Studio in the Botanical Heights neighborhood in St. Louis and online at their site. Buy local!

To see some of my cards online follow me on instagram @pentopaperstla 

Thanks for reading my story! 

Stella K. Heine

My father, artist Norman Kulkin, who has inspired me to be my most creative self.


vintage photo greeting cards worth framing


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what is a "found photo"?

amateur photos can be just as interesting as any other

Pentopaper uses "found photos," which in essence, are exactly how they sound. These photos were taken by an unknown someone capturing a moment in their lives. Some are funny, some are serious, some of babies, animals, buildings or the outdoors. Whatever it is, there is a mystery behind the photo, which lends itself nicely to a phrase.

They all are pieces of people's lives and somehow they ended up in an antique store, flea market or paper show and ended up in my hands. Photos I collect range from the 1920s-1960s. These photos are capturing history! Most are black and white or sepia tones. All are original and unique.